Working Bee and End Of Year Hoe Down

Right folks, time to get some stuff in the ground in the new Braybrook Garden!

Our aim? Oh just a small one.. Let’s build the BIGGEST COMMUNITY PUMPKIN PATCH IN VICTORIA! We have a big space to fill quick, so what better crop than pumpkins? They’ll keep the weeds down, stop the dirt blowing away, act as a mulch when they die down and we can start planting stuff amongst the pumpkins to make the beginnings of our food forest orchard.

And while we’re there, let’s have a literal hoe down and down tools for anend of year BBQ picnic for POW! POW will shout some snags for the BBQ and some nice cold drinks. If everyone can bring some salad, homemade chutney or bread or something else for the BBQ that would be rad. And let’s make this a zero waste event, BYO plates and cups.

Things we need:
Pumpkin seedlings or seeds
Bean seeds
Anyone got a source of a large quantity of straw?
Any other spare seedlings you have at home that need planting.
Stuff for the BBQ
Plates and cups

Braybrook Community Garden Expansion (behind the aeroplane park)
Address: 141 Churchill Avenue, Braybrook VIC 3019

Saturday, 15 December 2012
10:00 until 14:00
Working bee starts at 10.
Hoe’s down at 12.

See you there!