Making Maribyrnong More Bike Friendly!

Our good friends at Bicycle Network Victoria have a campaign to increase bike funding in Maribyrnong. Quick! Sign!

You can make a difference to the Maribyrnong riding environment right now!

Maribyrnong City Council funded only $2.85 per resident on bike related infrastructure last financial year. In comparison, surrounding councils spent on average $11.95.

With the City of Maribyrnong now a member of IMAP (Inner Melbourne Action Plan) the expectation is now upon them to step up and proactively fund bike facilities to the same degree that the Cities of Melbourne, Yarra, Port Phillip and Stonnington provide.

As a ratepayer and rider in the City of Maribyrnong now is the time for the Council to hear from you if you want more funding to improve the Maribyrnong riding environment.

Click here to tell Maribyrnong City Council you want more expenditure allocated to bike infrastructure in the 2012-13 budget