Melton CSA is looking for people to get involved and become members and supporters of this local-to- Melbourne farm.

Our newly leased 30 acre farm has chickens, almonds, olives, and bees, with potential for more vegetables, and for grazing animals. The farm is also an excellent resource for education, with a series of great courses running throughout the year, but also for members, and community groups to make use of and enjoy.

We run on a Community Supported Agriculture model, which directly connects producers to their community. This is better for both people and the land, giving farmers a fair go and rewarding good land management. We all know that supermarkets crunch farmers with raw deals, and how this flows on by limiting farmers’ ability to care for the land. By being part of the global CSA movement, we can circumvent this, and rediscover how healthy soil, plants and animals can sustain a vibrant community – yours.

Traditional Community Supported Agriculture models ask members to invest at the start of the season in the resources necessary for that season’s produce. That’s a big outlay for you, and above what we can presently offer. Here’s an option that not only reduces risk, but has distinct advantages for both parties. If we can share the load a little, we come a big step closer to realising the dream, and putting food on your table.

Currently we pay $400/month rent, and we would like to raise the rent money through weekly memberships. We are aiming for 40 memberships at $2.50 per week. Any memberships above this amount would be put back towards improving the land with more food plants, infrastructure, resources for soil care, and native plants as shelter and habitat for wild birds and other animals.

Membership of our Melton CSA includes: ? ? ? ? ? 20% off eggs (from $5 to $4 per dozen) 20% off other farm produce e.g. almonds, vegetables, olives, meat 25% off farm courses, such as pruning, irrigation and animal care members only events a chance to be involved in decisions about farm activities

Membership can be paid weekly, monthly or annually. With this overview, we invite expressions of interest, from you as individuals, households, groups or businesses; does this sound like a worthwhile investment, and is the price right for what you get in return? These things and more, we invite you to comment on, and with your feedback we can develop our own unique CSA model – one that works for you, and us.

For more information contact Carey on 0423 554 398 / 9746 7031 or email Or try the websites or