WHAT’S IN YOUR APRIL GARDEN??? (or the laneways??!!)

Apples! and hopefully more figs!

Last month … figs, tomatoes, zucchinis, squash, lemons, limes, herbs, apples, rhubarb, bean, sd bread, 3 jams, sprouts, onion plants, & choc cake (new variety of choc cake plant – highly recommend!)

Saturday April 2nd
10-11.30am (first saturday of every month)

Rotunda, Pilgrim St park (Bristow reserve) Seddon (see attached map thanks to Rob)

1) still LOOKING for someone else to help host the urban swap meet … all you need to do is meet and greet people! please email me. I will be a bit late this week …

2) some local cafes now have a Ground-to-ground sticker on there coffee machine. Ask them to take home their coffee grinds for your garden/compost. Plump, Feedback, Corner store…stay tuned

3) am thinking of making a western urban harvest flag/banner. is anyone interested in sewing a triangle with a letter on it? of bright, colourful, fruity flare

6) did I hear somebody mention figs?! oh boy

Whatever you’ve got to share – everyone and anything is welcome –

plums, figs, zucchinis, green yellow and red tomatoes, rocket, rhubarb, lemons & limes, eggs, honey, manure, coffee grinds, preserves, jam, homemade sourdough bread or biscuits, companion plants, seeds & seedlings, worm juice, herbs (think small bunches or root stock) and fruit and veg of course! and maybe a thermos of tea!

Hope to see you and your little urban harvest swappers for some community bonding and a great chat!