A simple vertical garden

Recycle old palettes for a vertical garden

Here is a great idea which I came across on the internet (apologies: I’ve misplaced the source): Many of us use wooden pallets recycled into sides for composting bays. The idea pictured above literally adds another dimension to their use and gives that extra bit of space which we are always looking for. Any side of the pallet which faces more-or-less towards the sun can be converted to give some vertical growing space. Strawberries, lettuce and herbs come to mind as suitable candidates, with the strawberries able to cope with dappled shade or shorter daily exposure to direct sun.

To contain the growing media, you could put in some more planks from a dismembered pallet as they seem to have done above, fill the whole thing with potting mix or compost and plant into the gaps. Alternatively, wood, plastic or off-cuts of shade-cloth could be inserted as bottoms for each of the horizontal levels.

Watering would be most efficiently done from the top, with trickle-down through the levels. Keep this in mind during construction so that water can work its way gradually down. A dripper system could be set-up with re-used bottles filled with water, cap pierced and shoved head-down into the top of the unit to keep it slowly and constantly watered.

If you decide to try-out this concept, email us some photos.

Information provided by Scott