Jackie French and Wombats need help

Please help us, the wombats, and the valley. There is only one week left to try to save them.
Two weeks ago we were finally given copies of the Environmental Assessment into the proposed Dargues Reef Goldmine at Majors Creek, four kilometres directly upstream from our property and even closer to the Nature Reserve and National Park partially surrounding us. The details revealed in it had not previously been made public.

The Dargues Reef Mine proposes to remove 66.2 megalitres of water per year from the local water table, leading to a drop in ground water levels of between 1.5 and 10.5 metres.

No studies have been done for the Environmental Assessment on how taking this amount of water will affect the land beyond the actual mine site. …….

Read the full article here
http://www.jackiefrench.com.au/urgent_message.htm …….

If you have loved Diary of a Wombat; if you want to save the life and environment of the real wombat on whom the story is based;

The Dargue’s Reef Environmental Assessment can be read at www.planning.nsw.gov.au. If you would like further details about the critically endangered species and grasslands, or the removal of the groundwater, please contact me at jfrench@dragnet.com.au.

Please — can you help? Or do you know anyone else who can help?
Any submission will help save the valley, and its critically endangered species.
If you have a spare five minutes, please send your own submission. Please ask your friends to put in submissions too, by the end of this week.
Submissions should include:
•Your name and address
•The reference number 10 0054
•Whether you support or object to the mine proposal
•The reasons why you support or object to the mine proposal
Submissions much reach the Department of Planning by close of business November 1, 2010
Fax: 902) 9228 6466
Emailed to: plan_comment@planning.nsw.gov.au