POW ordinary meeting
28th April 2010
6:00 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Location: Maidstone Community Centre, 21 Yardley St, Maidstone.

6:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.Socialise
6:30 p.m. – 6:35 p.m.Introduction,
•Apologies – Nyree, Delia, Deb, Mel
•Present – Ann, Angela, Kat, Scott, De Chantal, Phillip,
6:35 p.m. – 6.45p.m.PcM related update
– next meeting? Who will go? Meeting & PIE submission roster?
Action from last meeting – Met to email PcM re dates of upcoming meetings and for PIE submissions?
•PcM didn’t give sufficient notice. We will try to attend, but really need more notice. Would like a number of dates in advance, so we can set up a roster.
•PIE submissions – closing date for submissions is in the previous edition
•Anything that is written for other purposes, should be sent to nyree to see if it could also go to PIE
•We will put together a quarterly roster for submissions. The person submittion is responsible for establishing relevant deadline.
•ACTION: Email PcM re need for meeting dates in advance. Write up meeting and submission roster (Kat to discuss with Mel)
6:45-7:50Convenor update. Role of convenor was to be discussed at exec meeting and role reallocated?
•At exec meeting, Convenor role was split between deb, mel and scott – deb check email, mel is doing admin and organizations side and membership. Scott PR, HR, complaints, questions. If there’s an admin question, contact Mel. If there’s a permaculture question, ask Scott.
•ACTION: kat clarify with mel who is doing membership
6:50 p.m. – 7:05p.m.Exec meeting summary and adoption of anything needing adoption
•Exec meeting was on 21st
•Basically, it was decided to cut key events by half – meeting, blitz and workshop every second month instead of monthly. Dates are in minutes from Exect meeting.
•Mailing list – see minutes from meeting. Kat also raised that it might be best if one person was responsible for uploading info on website, so that the digest always followed same structure and format. De Chantal is happy to do this
•De asked for more photos on website
•Generally agreed we need more info about POW and what we do as discussed at exec meeting
•Perhaps a website task force to discuss with deb when she has more time
•Conscious that we don’t want to load up Deb with too much work. Ann is keen to learn more about web design and would be happy to assist.
•Blitzes – see minutes of exec. We are booked out for rest of year.

7:00 p.m. – 7.05p.m.Maidstone update – social event
•success – saved site, but not for our market garden. Sarah Carter was very impressed by POW. Maidstone community was really happy and wants to have a social event with POW.
•Social event can be at Maidstone. We can bring alcohol, but not provide it.
•ACTION: Kat send Scott tentative dates to make a booking.

7:05 p.m. – 7:10p.m.Permaplaygroup update
•Both are firing on all cylinders. Both models appear to be working.
•Hobsons Bay? – De has contacted them, but not heard back.
•ACTION:; De to follow up with H Bay
•There is now something on POW website about playgroups
•De is in process of getting permission to put photos up and Delia is writing a package to put up on site.
•Process to seed a group is to contact De then come along to each group to see how it works. Then de can give them what they need to do set up themselves.
•Would be good to put an ad on the permablitz site and give something to PIE – De to follow this up.
7:10 p.m. – 7:15p.m.Blitzes update
* angela wanted to know when we will find out about LMW blitz – will be on website
7:15 p.m. – 7.20p.m.Workshops update
•Actions from last month – Mel to contact joel meadows to see if he will do course on permaculture architecture – too busy.
•Mexican cooking workshop? Not discussed
•We have workshops for rest of year listed in exec meetings.
•Angela suggested doing her workshop for her blitz prior to the blitz. Will discuss when organizing the blitz
•Kat chase sourdough person. Scott happy to show how to make a batch of beer, but is using a kit.
•Architecture one would be good for next year.
•When we get enough bottles, we’ll do an informal session at Kat and Joel’s. Joel email Scott to discuss.
7:20 p.m.-7:25 p.m.Project proposal application update – Candice
•what’s next
•project officer?
•Candice not present. Deferred until later
7:25 p.m. – 7:30p.m.Membership Drive & Freebies offered
•Action from previous meeting: list or what we offer and how to track new members – Kat to follow up with Mel
•Have all new members received their freebies so far? – Kat check with mel
7:30 p.m. – 7:35p.m.Werribee Mansion Heritage Orchard update– Richard/Scott
•Scott met with Werribbee mantion yesterday
•Chris pattern and harry van morse from werribee eco centre have done a great job sorting out paper work
•Had a meeting with parks Victoria. They will fence of area with rabbit proof fence.
•Governance issues are being sorted out
•Will order 300 root stock when Richard gets back, which parks Victoria will pay for.
•Still working out water – probably 20,000 litre tanks and reclaimed water from sewage system diluted with rain water
•No shed on site.
•June or july official opening. Grafting workshop july 17th. All trees off site will be registered on a database. Idea is to preserve varieties by getting them out there cheaply.
•Tentative date for public meeting to announce it. – 27th may at pavilion at mansion.
•Entrance to mansion gardens is now free.
•Social gathering? – Candice at lentil as anything. Confirm email date. Beer session – joel to email scott re date. Maidstone – kat to email scott re dates., solstice at LMW with de’s quartet. Saturday 19th June. Fire sculpture by angela. Combine with working bee? Kat to talk to srebrenka.
•Olives? – missed the boat.
•LMW committee – Kat and Nyree have been nominated for LMW committee. Have requested and been given permission to be POW reps.
•Update on inner north permaculture group? Ideas on how we link in other than just as a branch of PcM? – at this stage just keep in touch. Mel is in touch with Kate already and De has volunteered to be official liaison. Invite to social events etc. Should have official contact person with responsibility to distribute info.
•ACTION: check with Mel current situation and arrange for De to be contact
8:00 p.m.Close meeting