Greening Maribyrnong Conversations

Join us for some fascinating presentations on environmental topics at our FREE ‘Greening Maribyrnong Conversations’ monthly seminar series.

April – Sustainable Garden Design Workshop
Sunday 18 April, 2.30pm – 4.30pm
Location: Footscray Library, 56 Paisley St Footscray. Melway 42 B4
Presenter: Sustainable Gardening Australia
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Learn how you can create an attractive and functional
garden using sustainable design principles. This workshop
covers all elements in a sustainable garden including: organic soil management, creating garden zones, using recycled materials, minimising chemical and fertiliser use, and successful plants for your area.

About the presenters:
Sustainable Gardening Australia is a not-for-profit, non government organisation founded in 2003 to raise awareness of the environmental issues associated with traditional gardening. Sustainable Gardening Australia acts to protect and enhance the Australian environment by advocating for more sustainable gardening practices.

May – Living Simply
Sunday 16 May, 3pm – 5pm
Location: St Nicholas Church Hall, 5 Murray St Yarraville, (around the corner from the Sun Theatre). Melway 42 A8
Presenters: Samuel Alexander and Chris Williams
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This presentation is an exploration of the low-consumption way of life known as ‘voluntary simplicity’ or ‘downshifting. How do you challenge the consumerist idea that ‘more is always better? How do you live a life that is inwardly rich and outwardly simple and how do you align the money you spend to your values to get more out of life while spending less. Hear about others who have started their journey towards simplicity. Join us for an interesting and thought provoking discussion.

About the presenters:
Samuel Alexander is the founder of The Life Poets’ Simplicity Collective, a grass-roots ‘network of imaginations’ dedicated to the advancement of the Voluntary Simplicity Movement. He was formerly a lecturer in the Law School at Melbourne University.

Dr Chris Williams, author of Old Land New Landscapes and former Conservation Director at Trust for Nature. Chris is now an independent environmental consultant and is a strong advocate of voluntary simplicity.

June – Cutting-Edge Sustainable Homes
Wednesday 16 June, 6pm -7.30pm
Location: West Footscray Library and Learning Centre, 539 Buckley St West Footscray. Melway 41 J4
Presenters: Michael Day, Editor of Sanctuary Magazine, Alternative Technology Association
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Sanctuary is Australia’s only magazine dedicated to sustainable house design. Editor Michael Day will present a photo diary of Australia’s best sustainable homes and reveal the design ideas, materials, construction techniques and sustainable technology used in the building of some of Australia’s best sustainable homes. This Sanctuary seminar will demonstrate that building your home with the environment in mind does not mean compromising on architectural style, comfort or quality.

About the Presenter
Sanctuary co-editor Michael Day has a long background in publishing and environmental activism, and prior to joining the Alternative Technology Association worked with the Australian Conservation Foundation, Sustainable Living Festival and Lonely Planet.

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