POWer Plants November Sale – It’s our 3rd Birthday!

Can you believe it, we're 3! 

3 years of fantastic community driven food sovereignty fun times! We've sold thousands of seedlings, given away thousands of seedlings, supported countless local school, community groups and projects, empowered a bunch of people to grow their own food and had a bloody good time while we're at it!

We couldn't have done it without you so THANK YOU xxxxx

This month we have TOMATOES! 

Also on sale will be lettuce, cress, chia, turnips, beetroot, rhubarb, pepino, raspberries, attractors such as alyssum, love in the mist, violet and calendula, marigolds, plus lemon balm, rosemary, aloe vera, good ole parsley, an avocado tree and all those other things.

As always all seedlings are full of organic soil with bonus worms – all $1, big pots $2. We LOVE trades, so bring your seedlings, produce, worm juice, or whatever other excess you may have and trade for some yummy organic seedlings.

In bad news we are back to CODE RED on the SEEDLING TUBES! We have appreciated some healthy donations of tubes n pots of recent but we desperately need more for the busy summer months!

Join our expanding bunch of super rad volunteers every Sunday from 2-4 and we'll give you seedings for free.

Proceeds go to supporting local food projects in the West.

Proudly supported by Permaculture Out West