POWer Plants June Sale: Winter is here!

A big welcome to all of our new friends! It's been a HUGE month for POWer Plants after our spot on Gardening Australia. Check it out on iview if you missed it!  

This POWer Plants Monthly Sale, we're celebrating an awesome new community initiative that's pretty BEAUT!

BEAUT stands for Burmese Enterprise Association for Urban Trading. It is an enterprise which is owned and controlled by Burmese community members. Most of these individuals arrived in Australia after 2004 on UNHCR refugee visas.

Every year, Australia resettles over 5, 000 newly arrived refugees. These people bring extensive skills and experience from their home countries, but struggle to integrate into the Australian work force. With the right mentoring, support, relationships, and opportunities, newly arrived migrants and refugees can leverage their skills and abilities to create positive employment opportunities and new businesses within the Australian labour market.

BEAUT members work in collaboration with the Footscray Maker Lab, Baptcare, The Chin Christian Council, Permaculture Out West and Action Foresight.

BEAUT have been making some pretty darn awesome wicking bed boxes, filling them up with all the materials needed as well as some of our seedlings and delivering them to households around the West. Come see one in action on Sunday! You can order your own through their facebook page.

Now we're into the cold months, it's time for the deep greens. Plants available this month: We have heaps of kale, broccoli, broccolini, cauli, cabbage. We've also got mustard greens, chia, lettuce, fennel, calendula, rosemary, warigal greens, dill, avocado and more. As always all seedlings are $1, big pots $2.

We LOVE trades, so bring your seedlings, produce, worm juice, or whatever other excess you may have and trade for some yummy organic seedlings. Most importantly PLEASE BRING US SEEDLING TUBES! We are DESPERATELY low! We trade for seedlings.

Join our (expanding) bunch of (super rad) volunteers every Sunday from 2-4 and we'll give you seedings for free.

Proceeds go to supporting local food projects in the West.

Proudly supported by Permaculture Out West.