POWer Plants May Sale: International Permaculture Day #soilsupporters

Healthy soil makes for healthy people, animals and plants; it provides the foundation for all life on land. Soil gives us food, clean water, clean air, medicine, fibre and fuel, it’s also a climate regulator and buffer. But soil is under threat. Millennia of agriculture and other human activities have robbed our soils of life. Today almost one third of the planet’s surface is classed as desert and a quarter of all agricultural soils have been lost. The remaining topsoil is depleted and could vanish within 60 years. The good news is that we can restore our soils and, at the same time, solve other global challenges.

This POWer Plants Monthly Sale, we join permaculturalists across the globe celebrating the black gold beneath our boots. Visit POWer Plants for your monthly dose of vege seedlings and have a go with our (soon-to-be nationally famous) trommel!

We're also celebrating our best friends, the worms. POWer Plants seedlings are famous for the number of worms that come in each tube. How many can you find, let's set a record!

Plants available this month:
We have heaps of kale, broccoli, broccolini, cauli. We've also got mustard greens, chia, sorrel, lettuce, fennel, calendula, rosemary, thai basil, warigal greens, avocado and more.

PLEASE BRING US SEEDLING TUBES! We are DESPERATELY low! We trade for seedlings.

Join our (expanding) bunch of (super rad) volunteers every Sunday from 3-5 and we'll give you seedings for free. Seedling tubes $1 big pots $2 BARGAIN! 

Proceeds go to supporting local food projects in the West.