November YIMBY – YES IN MY (Seddon) BACK YARD!

Come to POW's very own open garden scheme! This month, we'll be visiting Michelle's backyard in Seddon to see how much can be fit into a very small space using sustainable materials and permaculture know-how!

Over the past year or so, Michelle has been 'apprenticing' with Kris Patten (horticulturalist, permaculture enthusiast and designer, and farm boy – also one of the founding members of the Werribee Park Heritage Orchard) to create a compact productive garden that makes the most of companion planting and microclimates within microclimates. You'll find recycled materials used to create a rustic garden which – together with wicking and other pots – house 8 fruit trees, 7 varieties of berries, myriad vegetables, herbs and flowers – all within a space about the size of a living room!

Bring a plate and a drink of something you like. Places are limited so book early at!