POWer Plants turns 2 – nursery sale

Celebrating 2 years of producing organic, locally grown seedlings at the POWer Plants community nursery! Thanks to a long list of volunteers, somehow we've pulled this off.

Come and stock up on Tomato central – there must be nearly a dozen types of tomatoes on the go (many about a foot high), plus dill, fennel, capsicum, spinach, nasturtium, parsley, chia, zucchini, squash and red amaranth. Come and discover all the exotic names (from Tigeralla tomato to Black Krill) – its our tallest sale ever!

Bonus seedlings to event sharers 😉

Actually the added bonus is that Scott Hitchins will be installing our Bendigo Bank inspired watering system this Sunday from 11am,  so he is willing to hold a watering system workshop for those willing to lend a hand.

Here's the facebook event, pls share.