St Albans Permablitz

As Dan Palmer the originator of the permablitz concept noted in 2006…

A permablitz is defined where:

  • 2 or more people get together
  • Create or add to an edible garden where someone lives
  • Skill shares
  • Build community networks
  • And Have FUN

So this fits in with what will be created at Michaels blitz:

SATURDAY 30/8/14
St Albans  9.30-5pm

Traditionally the western suburbs have great turnouts and inspiring blitzs.

Out of nothing something is always created which inspires us to do more!

Bit of history

Michael has ¼ acre block with most of it being back yard. He has been here over 20 years and built his own family home there and raised his children, pets, chooks and bees with his wonderful wife Terry. As luck would have with a bit of good karma Michael was able to purchase the ¼ acre vacant block next door.

Who has ½ an acre in suburbia St Albans? Thats right… Michael and Terry!!

This blitz is focusing on a portion of this block; mainly the orchard, chook yard and immediate back yard outside his back door.

Tasks for the day

  • Construct straw yard for the chooks
  • Create chook runways through the existing orchard
  • Mulch pits strategically placed to allow for efficient watering
  • Maintenance and relaying of food forest irrigation system
  • Vertical garden created around 20,000 lt water tank
  • Underplanting grapevines with strawberry runners
  • Spring planting annual vegies in huge vegie garden
  • Installing mini composts/worm farms in annual vegie garden

Workshops planned for the day

  • Urban bee keeping and discussion about swarm collection
  • Mulch pits – design , function and effectiveness
  • Discussion on food forest in urban environment to feed family of 4
  • Aloes and succulents – display of different varieties, some very rare.

Michael and Terry will provide a nourishing home cooked luncheon delight as their way of saying thank you to all who come.

Lets be Blitzed!!

Michael O’Connell

RSVP for address and advise of any dietary requirements.

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