Furniture reclaiming and reuse

Do your classic old dining chairs feel more like rocking chairs? Are your stools not as firm as they should be? Is that old armchair you dragged home, a great bit of ‘Shabby Chic’ but probably won’t support you partner’s chubby cheeks? Next time your friends comment on your stylish and sustainable reclaimed furniture, be able to tell them to mind their own beeswax or they’ll get an absolute shellacking! –if you’ll pardon the French (polishing).

This workshop will teach you the basics of repairing and refinishing old furniture. It will cover such things as: Replacing worn or loose doweled joints in wobbly chairs and tables without spending a fortune on tools, removing old paints & varnishes and chemical-free recipes for varnishes and polishes from renewable resources such as linseed and beeswax that you can make at home.  Your family heirloom furniture is only a workshop away. –and not an Allen key or a chipboard panel in sight.