POWer Plants June

Who needs a root?

Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves! This month we have Comfrey, Rhubarb and Horseradish potted up. We have hops too but they haven’t sprouted yet so if anyone wants to take a punt.. We’ve still got some cardamon and one last Canna Lilly looking for a home.

Also in stock, we’re still running out the brocolli, cabbage and caulis. And plenty of rocket, herbs, spinach, warigal greens, violets, peas, watercress, nigella and more! Plus we have a growing stock of seeds for the stuff that likes being planted direct like beetroot, carrots, and parsley.

All seedlings $1-2. POW members get half price. We welcome seeds and seedlings to trade.

Volunteers always welcome, every Sunday 3-5 no experience necessary!

NOTE: We have a family event on in the afternoon so if you turn up late, we won’t be there..

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