Eldridge Street Chooks Update

Sadly, the Eldridge Street chooks will not be returning home. Maribyrnong Council delivered their report in response to the petition supporting the Eldridge Street chooks last night. You can read it here http://www.maribyrnong.vic.gov.au/files/Attachments/APR13_CCL_Response_to_Petition_Save_the_Eldridge_Street_Footscray_Chooks.pdf

Council refused an exemption on the basis that the chickens were being housed in the front yard: “Chickens in the front yard of any property, particularly dense inner urban locations, have the potential to detract from the local amenity. Open front yards in general are unable to meet the requirements of Council’s Local Law.”

Dusk and Ben Liney had their three chickens and three chicks evicted from the front yard in front of their block of flats. They gathered over 125 signatures from residents on their street, stating their support for the return of the chickens who were loved by the community. You can read more of the back story in the Herald Sun and Star Newspaper.

The Council report mentions the Save Our Chooks Public Forum meeting and states that Council will be developing an operational guidelines document and undertaking consultation in its development.

If you are interested in joining a working group advocating for responsible backyard chicken ownership, please email us for further details.