YIMBY – Yes In My Back Yard

yimby-3459Come and join Scott Hitchins and the POW team for a social gathering. YIMBY’s are a casual event to see how Scott and his family have put their precious place on earth to work. Then we discuss possible options on what could be next for this … Yes In My Backyard!

I Talk the Talk, but do I Walk the Walk? 
Sunday, April 21.  12PM to 2PM (lunch about 1PM)
Sorry Booked Out! All full.

Come and see my Permaculture garden in the wild west outback of Werribee.   The block came with all the topsoil scraped off  and sold, under the guise of ‘Levelling.  Its been a long road, but with the help of chooks, bees, rabbits, lizards, frogs and large amounts of organic matter, I’ve managed to get things pumping quite well. Lots of fruit trees, pond and bog garden, Open and Closed Wicking beds, swales, use of recycled materials and more.

Bring a plate to share and I’ll also make some pizzas in the woodfired oven (don’t bring toppings). Feel free to bring whatever you like drinking; I’ll have some home brew on ice. Bring easy to remove shoes because my Japanese wife will kick your butt if you go in the house with them on.

Stay tuned for the next YIMBY in a month or so and get in quick!