Interested in hosting a Permabee in January or February?

Have you got a backyard project that seems just too big?

We are looking for candidates for our January and February 2013 Permabees. Past Permabees have seen us create wicking beds out of crates, build chook sheds out of pallets, create gardens for bees, and set up a nursery!

To host a Permabee you must join POW and need to attend at least a couple of Permabees. However, the most important thing to us is to have a Permabee every month so we can do what we love best: getting together in someone’s garden!
Even if you’ve never been to a POW event before, here’s an opportunity to get that big job done through the power of community.

If you’re keen drop us a line at and make sure you RSVP to our November Permabee at Liz’s in Airport West next Sunday 25 Nov to get your ‘bee credits up!