POWer Plants!

Our August Permabee saw the creation of our very own community nursery!

An enthusiastic bunch of POWer Rangers rocked up to Karl and Rayna’s and helped put in the physical infrastructure for a community seedling nursery space. Here’s some great pics from the day!

We had a lovely turnout, a great lunch and so much work was done! And thanks to the fabulous scavenging/repurposing skills of our crew, we spent a grand total of $0.00 on supplies. Rayna and Karl were especially pleased to finally find a use for an awful piece of interior decorating which was long ago ripped out of their house and is now doing a great job at being a potting bench top!

And a fair few seedling tubes were filled and started off, there’s going to be lots going on in the nursery over the next couple of weeks to get enough seedlings on the go for our grand opening!

POWer Plants is going to be open the first Sunday of every month from 11-1. Seedlings will be a flat price of $1 or 5o cents for POW members! To keep in the loop with POWer Plants news including our opening date, come Like the facebook page.  If anyone wants to join the POWer Plants co-op, email Rayna for more details.

Thanks again to everyone who came and helped make such an awesome day.