Urban Street Harvest – looking for volunteers and excess produce

Do you have a vegetable garden, a fruit tree or some spare time and want to help feed your community?
The Victorian Population Health Survey (2008) found 9.1% of Maribyrnong experience food insecurity and hunger even though there is food going to waste every day.

The ‘Urban Street Harvest’ project seeks to share excess fruit and vegetables from residential gardens to those needing food relief in the Maribyrnong area.

As an initial pilot study, Foodbank will be coordinating an URBAN STREET HARVEST event to be held over 3 weeks from 27 Nov – 17 Dec 2012 across 8 residential streets in Maribyrnong. Foodbank is also accepting excess garden produce at their Yarraville warehouse outside this period and no matter where you live.

If you have fruit or excess vegetables to share with your community, please register as a donor

We are also seeking volunteers to help participate with this project in various ways. Please email all enquiries to;

E: katrinao[at]foodbankvictoria.org.au
T: (03) 9362 8300