Wyndham Permaculture Blitz Competition 2012

Very Edible Gardens Pty Ltd., Shoestring Gardening Inc. and Wyndham City Council are co-ordinating an edible garden makeover competition.

Are you looking to start an edible garden, a garden that produces seasonal fruit and vegetables to share amongst your communities and clients? Are you a school, community centre, church or community organisation with the space to create an edible garden? Do you have willing people in your organisation that can commit to maintaining this type of project in the long term?

The Growing Communities project is seeking applications from organisations interested in establishing an edible garden space. To enter, complete the application form describing in 25 words or less, why your community space would like to host the Permaculture blitz and send in photos of your garden that needs a makeover to Karen Bembridge at info@shoestring.org.au or by mail to Shoestring Gardening, 28 Ridge Drive, Wyndham Vale, 3024. Applications open on 9th July and close on 3rd August 2012.

For more information visit shoestring.org.au, email info@shoestring.org.au or call Karen on 0435 235 144. The Growing Communities project is a partnership between Wyndham City Council, Shoestring Gardening and Very Edible Gardens.