NEW! West Footscray Urban Harvest Swap Meet

One of the best types of community sharing is a produce swap.  Grabbing your excess garden produce, eggs, seedlings, honey, sourdough starters, jams or chutneys, trundling down to a local spot and sharing a cuppa with some new friends while you chat about the latest goings on in the community. Then at the end, gather up samples of everyone else’s excess and go home for a scrummy lunch with the spoils!

West Footscray residents are the next to have one of these great little events on their doorstep, and there is a group getting together this weekend to plan the first one!  This from Natalie on our facebook group

“New Urban Harvest Swap Meet – want a more local option for sharing your excess produce? How about a West Footscray/Maidstone meet? A few of us are gathering on Sunday July 15 at 10am in West Footscray. Call Carol (0411 274 469) or Natalie (0466 418 183) for venue details or to find out more.”

And one of the more established local harvest swaps in Seddon has a gorgeous new poster. Check it out!