MEOW! June Meal Swap


Our second MEAL SWAP has been scheduled for Sat 23 June 4.00pm.

Please RSVP ON FACEBOOK by Thu 14 Jun 8pm: – click that you're "attending" – in the comments let us know how many adults/ kids there are in your family and – if you have any dietary restrictions/ allergies We'll tally how many adults and kids are involved and let everyone know total quantities to cook for. Then come Sat 23 June 4pm – bring your pot of cooked delicious delights to share – something to dish it up with, and – enough containers to fill for your family! We’ll line em up and dish up!


POW has started a Mamabake group for the west – MEOW! Mamabake Epicurean Out West (Dads most welcome as well as Mama’s welcome despite the name!)

If you’re not familiar with Mamabake check out the website and Facebook page – Basically it’s a genius idea to make busy family’s lives better. The concept is to share wholesome big batch cooking amongst a group that families can freeze and eat. There are a few ways to do it: – get together on a designated day for some big batch cooking and divvy it up amongst the attendees to take home to their families OR – each member does their big batch cooking at home and everyone gets together to dish up and swap

MEOW is primarily being organised via a Facebook Group page at the moment which you can find here