Introducing POW’s 2012 Permabees

What’s a POW Permabee?

Permabees are kinda a mini version of a Permablitz if you will. Much smaller groups of 4-5 people, getting together for a small permaculture project to complete in a day. We have a pretty broad scope of what this could entail, but based on the permaculture ethics of care of people, care of the earth and fair share. Permabees have multiple functions – meeting new people and learning new skills, promoting community to name a few! Projects could be building a raised vegetable bed out of recycled materials, constructing a vertical garden, planting or pruning fruit trees, building a chook shed. Permabees aren’t restricted to the outside, in winter you might wish to host a Permabee that brings some permaculture design inside your house. It could be learning to set up your own DIY bokashi  system, or reorganising your layout to permaculture principals, observing your natural energy patterns within the house, or putting together a window garden, or a big bottling session to help preserve your harvest and teach others skills how to do it.

When do POW Permabees happen?
Every last Sunday of the month is POW Permabee day. POW Permabee details will be advertised our Permabee page and also in the general news section/ POW newsletter as well as our Facebook page.

If we have an influx of hosts, there could end up being more than one POW Permabee per month so keep your eyes out.

How do I get in on the POW Permabee action?
In the spirit of reciprocity and fairshare, you need to have attended 2-3 first before putting up your hand to host your own.

To attend a Permabee you need to RSVP directly to the host to get the address details and so they can keep track of numbers to expect on the day.

How do I get to be a POW Permabee Host?

If you’d like a Permabee, drop Angela a line at achiew [at] me [dot] com once you’ve attended your 2-3 Permabees, and we’ll get the ball rolling.

*For a short time, whilst we’re still building the Permabee momentum you can put up your hand to host a Permabee in 2012 as long as you promise to come along to 2-3 other Permabees before/ shortly after yours!*

So far these are the Permabees we have in the works:

Sunday 25 March
– Alex and Mike’s in Footscray RSVP alexandramarriott [at] gmail [dot] com

Sunday 29 April
– Juanita’s in Yarraville RSVP  juanita [dot] frost [at] wilderness [dot] org [dot] au

Sunday 27 May
– date available!

Sunday 24 June
– Rayna’s in Braybrook RSVP rayna [at] radicalcrossstitch [dot] com

For the rest of the 2012 dates check out our Permabees page