You’re invited to our Community Launch of the fabulous Volcano Dreaming Victorian Volcanic Plains Grasslands panorama.

With support from the Environment Protection Authority, Iramoo has worked with local artists, Inherit Earth, to create this stunning environmental education resource, celebrating the precious biodiversity of native plants and animals of the Victorian Volcanic Plains,arguably Australia’s most endangered ecosystem.

Volcano Dreaming comprises more than 3000 photos, melded together to create an ecological panorama depicting the magnificent splendour of the wildflower grasslands, which stretched from the banks of the Yarra River and metropolitan Melbourne to the Grampians.

Plants and animals such as bandicoots, Sunshine Diuris Orchids and Legless Lizards leap out of the canvas, revealing the secrets of the landscape.

Measuring 12m wide by 2m high, Volcano Dreaming is innovative in its design portability, enabling touring in regional and metropolitan areas, revealing grassland biodiversity to all ages and communities, and raising awareness of conservation issues.

You’re invited to our Open Day

Date: Saturday 25 June, 2011

Event: 11am to 3pm

Launch Ceremony: 12 noon

Location: Iramoo Sustainable Community Centre,

Bldg 1J, Kirner Road North-South, Victoria University —

St Albans Campus. Melways: 25K3


A great day out with displays, tours, free activities, music and

a sausage sizzle…lots of fun for everyone. All welcome.

Contact us on 9919 2029 / 2815 or email Iramoo@vu.edu.au