Tired of tasteless vegetables from the supermarket? Tired of paying too much for your vegetables? Then this is the short course for you. Learn from practical experience how to create a successful Kitchen Garden using sustainable gardening practices.

Learn the skills necessary to:

  • construct a garden bed
  • create healthy soil
  • choose seasonal plants
  • understand companion planting
  • water efficiency
  • grasp fertilising and mulch
  • control pests and diseases organically

Our course presenter, previous horticultural consultant to ABC TVĀ  – Gardening Australia is a professional who has been involved in the research, writing and teaching of gardening practices for over 20 years.

Course Location: VU Footscray Nicholson

School: School of Foundation, Community And Indigenous Programs

Duration: 6 hours – 3 hours for 2 consecutive Saturdays

Course Code: VNGAR

Course Dates: 3 September 2011 & 10 September 2011

Course Times: TBA

Fees: $180

Admission Information: There are no prerequisites for this course

How to Register: ph: 9919 8545 or email: