Lower Kororoit Creek – 1st May

Appreciation Day

The Friends of Lower Kororoit Creek [FOLKC] are having an Appreciation Day at the creek on the 1st May 2011. We will be planting some 1500 plants along the creek south of the Barnes Road Bridge, Barnes Road, Altona North, Melway Ref: 54 J4. This will be the first planting in this area.

Please see the below attachment for further information.

RSVP via this link.


FOLKC have been lobbying for a shared trail along the creek to connect Altona with the Federation Trail and beyond, this is currently the missing link. By going along, we will further support FOLKC with the efforts to re vegetate this area so that once the trail is completed, cyclists will have a great asset to enjoy on our rides. You will also be able to see what has been achieved over the past few years when looking north of the Barnes Road Bridge, now a forest of native trees and shrubs.