Job – Permaculture Secondary Teacher

Recruiting a F/T secondary teacher with Permaculture credentials

State high school in Melbourne to create Victoria’s first Montessori Secondary Education Program.

This is an extraordinary project as students’ intellectual, social and emotional development occurs through their emersion within a self-directed and as far as possible self-sufficient adolescent community. The learning environment becomes a mirco-cosm for the world with 12-15yr old students working and ultimately living their studies through running a small-holding/farm which produces food for the adolescent community and produce for sale to the wider community. The academic curriculum is integrated with this hands on work.

To see it in action you can watch a video produced by the Hershey arm School in Ohio here

We are looking for a special person to set up and lead this project in partnership with a State High School who are fully supportive of the vision. Our project website is