POW Annual General Meeting 25th August 2010

Well, a whole year has gone by, and POW is officially a year old. As part of the birthday celebrations, we’re going to have our very first Annual General meeting to elect people for roles of Convenor, Secretary, Treasurer, Events Co-ordinator and Fund raiser. Don’t feel that you could do any of these roles –  the people in these roles at the moment have never done these roles before. You learn as you go along, and maybe help improve it by seeing the role in a different way.

The meeting will be held at De’s home, 28 Fontein St West Footscray, starting at 6.30pm. So, feel welcome to come along and maybe even throw your name into the ring for one of the roles. We’re more than happy to join new members up on the night.

There will be a cake!

The POW Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday 25th August 2010 at 28 Fontein St West Footscray.

The elections will be held for the following roles:

CONVENOR – Description

  • receive and answer emails addressed to admin@pow.org.au
  • receive and respond to correspondence, written and electronic, or forward to someone else to handle where appropriate
  • Arrange venues for meetings
  • Keep PcM up to date with goings on with POW

SECRETARY – description

Generally administer the organisation’s affairs – unless delegated to someone else, including –

  • Maintain hard copy files of correspondence, including copies of emails that are pertinent to POW decisions (any correspondence listed on POW agendas)
  • Maintain hard copy records of the Minutes of all Committee and General Meetings and of Annual Reports and forward copies of minutes to PcM Secretary.
  • In consultation with Office Bearers prepare and circulate agendas in advance of POW Executive and General Meetings
  • Keep minutes of POW Executive and General Meetings, circulate drafts to participants for comment and final versions to be uploaded POW Website
  • Receive and process applications for admission to membership and of renewals
  • Provide lists of applications for membership for the agendas for Executive meetings
  • Maintain a Register of Members of POW
  • Maintain contact with external groups that have similar interests to POW
  • Arrange the exchange of newsletters with external groups, by email or post
  • Forward to the Events Coordinator the details of events proposed by other groups that are of potential interest to PcM members (Events Co-ordinator forwards to PcM)
  • Receive and answer emails addressed to info@pow.org.au
  • Receive and answer emails addressed to membership@pow.org.au

TREASURER – description

  • Maintain hard copy records of all financial transactions
  • Prepare periodic and annual financial reports and annual financial statement for lodgement with Consumer Affairs
  • Pay accounts
  • Prepare and maintain a budget for the management of the organisation’s finances
  • Process and bank subscription fees
  • Maintain records of rebates due to POW from PcM (e.g. memberships etc)

FUNDRAISER – description

  • Work with Treasurer
  • Co ordinate ways of raising funds and present them to the POW meetings


  • Liaise with all branches of PcM to coordinate the holding of events
  • Maintain a Calendar of events and forward to the PIE Editor periodically for publication
  • Maintain lists of equipment held by branches of PcM and coordinate its use for events
  • Maintain stocks of publicity material (banners, posters, brochures) for use at public events