Last month POW received a call from a council officer in charge of writing a report regarding the old Maidstone Community Hall. We were not permitted to see the full report. However, we understand that it covered various options open to council regarding the site, one of which was leasing it at a peppercorn rent to a community consortium of which POW would be part. At least one other option was a commercially run community service.

The report was to be addressed by Council at its general meeting earlier this month. But we understand it has been postponed, we think until July.

POW is concerned that a commercially run community service on the site would require substantial development on the site and would be against the spirit of Council’s decision to keep the land for the community and we have been urging our members and supporters to write to the Councilors expressing their views.

Please be aware however, that the Councilors did not request this report. It has been put before them by the officers, for reasons not fully understood by POW. At this stage, therefore, we have no reason to suspect the Councilors are backing away from their earlier decision.

We will keep you posted about Council’s decision