A letter from Janet Rice, Electorate Officer, Colleen Hartland MLC, Member for Western Metropolitan (attachments not included – please contact Colleen Hartland’s office for copies of these).


Thanks for your interest in taking action about the C90 Footscray Planning
Scheme amendment. I held a jam packed meeting last night in my office –
approximately 40 people attended and at least another 15 emailed in their
apologies. Thanks to everyone that was able to make it at such short notice

We are extremely concerned about the amendment – the excessive heights
being proposed in the Footscray CAD, the changes in residential areas
proposed, and the removal of the requirement to notify neighbouring
properties, and the rights to appeal against developments at VCAT- even
when the developments don’t meet the proposed guidelines!

I have attached all the documents that were distributed last night:
an information sheet summarising what we see as the main concerns with
the amendment
the report that Maribyrnong Council considered on Tuesday night when
they resolved to oppose aspects of the Amendment
the map of height limits from the Footscray Strategic Planning Framework
the map of height limits as adopted by Maribyrnong Council in 2006

The important thing now is that you get your submission in by Monday, to
Planning Panels Victoria, Level 1, 8 Nicholson St, East Melbourne.

It doesn’t have to be a thesis – it can just be a paragraph on the issues
that you are most concerned about.

If you aren’t able to get your submission in the post tomorrow then you can
either email it to Colleen at by
11am Monday and we will print out your submission and deliver it into the
city by the end of the day, or you can drop it off at our office at 75
Victoria St, Seddon (also by 11am).

We can also print off copies of this information for you to distribute to
your street. If you would like us to do this for you, please reply to this
email and you can drop in tomorrow to pick up the materials, and get them
out to people asap, in time for them to do a submission by Monday morning
to email or drop off to Colleen.

Thanks again for your interest,


9689 6373
0439 363 846