It’s been a busy few months for all of us at POW, but we’ve finally got around to planning a thank you social event for all of you who helped us keep Maidstone Public Hall in community hands. We’ve also just been asked by council to have some input in to how they might best use the site in future, so we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to hear from the locals. As things stand, Council has not decided what to do with the land. Our submission still stands, but if you have any other ideas for the site or if you’d just like to express what’s most important for you, then come along and have a chat. We’d love to see you.
When: Wed 26th May, 6pm
Where: Maidstone Community Centre, 21 Yardley St Maidstone
What: Dinner and drinks – please bring a plate and whatever you wish to drink

Please RSVP to