Food Futures forum at Kinglake 15th May

The Kinglake Ranges Food Futures Forum on Sunday 15 May 2010 will explore the futures of food, farming and food distribution in Victoria.

Invited speakers guest are all leaders in their field. This unique event will appeal to farmers and foodies alike.

Kirsten Larsen will showcase four Future Food Scenarios from the work she is leading at the University of Melbourne’s Victorian Eco-Innovation Lab.

Trevor Budge will report on his work researching land use planning and food security, preserving farmland, changes in peri-urban areas and small towns.

Sherry Strong will present on the toxicity and addictive nature of most commercial food, and on developing a healthy relationship with food, without dieting.

Pam Morgan will report on her work in Maribyrnong on the VicHealth Food For All program and on local government’s critical role in supporting local food security.

George Seitz MP, Chair of the Outer Suburban/Interface Services and Development Committee will provide an overview of their Inquiry into Sustainable Agri-Business.

Daryl Brooke will outline a successful Community Supported Agriculture distribution and marketing business model that is financially, socially and environmentally viable.

The information sharing sessions begin at 10:00am on Sunday and will be held at the Kinglake Temporary Village – VBRRA Dining Hall.

This FREE event is a community organisation partnership. Everyone is welcome.

Inquiries to KANDO Co-President Daryl Taylor on 0430 63 77 48. To book a place email

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