Watch Costa’s Garden Odyssey 22nd April

Watch Costa’s Garden Odyssey on SBS 1 at 7.30pm 22nd April.

Costa explores Melbourne’s Kevin Heinze Garden Centre where people with disabilities get their hands in the dirt, do something physical and experience the sensory delights of the space.   It’s a space where people can see, hear, touch, smell and taste a variety of plants and flowers.  The Maidstone Community Centre also wishes to create this type of garden for their members and Costa, with the help of POW, transforms their overgrown backyard into a sensory haven where people can interact and connect with nature.  It’s a philosophy that the Abbott of the Quang Mihn Buddhist Temple endorses – we need to create harmony and balance between the environment and our use of it which is why the Temple has installed a commercial worm farm to recycle the Temple’s waste.

Costa’s garden odyssey