CERES: Workshop on the construction of tyre walls

We need your old car tyres for CERES Van Raay Centre

The landscaping for the Van Ray 2 will be enlisting the services of the CERES Earthship Group in the construction of several terraces from the north side of the Van Ray centre down to the farm paddock. Earthships are buildings constructed from waste materials, predominantly old car tyres which are usually a massive waste problem. 11 million are discarded annually in Australia, most of which end up in landfill.

CERES will be running workshops on the construction of tyre walls and Earthship buildings from May with the eventual aim of building an Earthship dwelling on site. We are calling out for CERES members and friends to bring in their used car tyres and pay the $5 disposal levy to us instead of their tyre supplier in the name of awareness raising and community contribution to the construction of CERES public gardens. All money will go back into the cost of construction of the wall, a “Chookship” and, with the blessing of Moreland Council, the full Earthship dwelling. Plans are afoot to bring Michael Reynolds himself over from the U.S. to build the house as a workshop and kick of an Australian support group for Earthship construction.
For details or to arrange a drop-off, call CERES landscape designer Phillip Smith on 0406142799 or email phillip@ceres.org.au