Local Seed Savers network in the Western Suburbs starting soon!

We’re in the process of starting up a local seed savers network.

The Seed Savers’ Network aims are:

  • To preserve the biodiversity of traditional, cultivated, non-hybrid useful plant varieties through community involvement.
  • To monitor, conserve, maintain and expand the genetic diversity of domesticated plant species and their wild relatives in their habitats.
  • To promote the ecologically sustainable use and production of quality seeds in biodiverse, indigenous and natural farming and gardening systems.
  • To raise public awareness of the importance of plant diversity.

POW is running a workshop on seed saving on the 24th April. On the day, you’ll be able to register for the new Seed Savers network for the Western Suburbs. Maybe you want to start your own local Seed Savers network closer to you. Information will be available on the day. Either way, put that date in the diary, and see you there! Or, if you can’t attend but want to be kept in the loop, send an email to seedsavers@pow.org.au