Food Drying workshop on January 16th

POW will be running a food drying workshop at Braybrook Community Centre on the 16th January (a Saturday), starting at 10am.

We’ve all had it happen where we get a bumper crop, and suddenly there’s more than we can possibly eat or give to friends. By drying the excess, we can enjoy the fruits of our labour over an extended period of time.

Another advantage of food drying is that it preserves quite a lot of the nutrients. By removing the moisture from the food, it naturally extends the natural life from a couple of days to a month or more.

The course will cover:

drying fruit, vegetables and meat

electric food dehydrators

building your own solar food dehydrator

recipes using the dehydrated food, including a very tasty banana and rum dessert.

It’ll cost $5 to attend the course, which covers the costs of running the workshop. To attend, please confirm your interest by filling your name and email in the fields below by Thursday 14th January. This is so we can have sufficient dried food samples and information sheets.