[Klimaforum09-newsletter] Klimaforum09 newsletter #4

Klimaforum09 Newsletter # 4,
24th of November

Climate collaboration for the future

Thousands of people and organisations will soon be descending on Copenhagen for the climate summit, some at COP15, others at Klimaforum09.

As the politicians and their advisers struggle to reach important agreements, the rest of society has the opportunity to ensure that what needs to be done is done, in support of political leadership and independent of the political outcome. In this context, Klimaforum is teaming up with the 2020 Climate Leadership Campaign to facilitate coherent, fast, follow-through action.

Many organisations and communities today are working for a sustainable future. Each has its own perspective, focus, goals and resources. In order to make the impact we all want to make, it is essential that we begin to see who holds which piece of the puzzle, that we make the existing solutions visible and that we focus our creativity and commitment on the things matter most. By working in alignment, the effectiveness of all of our work can be greatly magnified.

With so many people and initiatives coalescing in Copenhagen at this moment in time, the climate change movement has the opportunity to take a leap ahead in coherence, collaboration and synergy and to speak and act with unity and clarity both nationally and globally.

Supporting Coherent Action in Copenhagen and Beyond is the Climate Solutions Meshwork, through which you can exchange knowledge, develop climate action relationships and share resources which means you will be able to make a much greater impact. To learn more about the meshwork, contact: meshwork@klimaforum.org

Elementary school, deliver us from evil

The Elements are the young superheroes of Klimaforum09. To save humanity from the destructive plans of the evil Dr. Ego, Gaia, Windy, Solar Boy and H2Otto take up the fight against Coalman, Gazolina, Mr. Voltage and Consuma Excess. Follow the action at the world wide wide and see how it all ends at Klimaforum09…
Follow the Elements at www.klimaforum09.org and on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/homeoftheelements

From Shanghai Post to CNN and New York Times

The forum is subject to huge media interest. The Klimaforum09 press team is in contact with journalist and editors from all over the world. Both electronic and print media are showing considerable interest in covering the forum, hopefully conveying the many stories and perspectives on climate change found among the participants.

The forum will have a press centre with workstations and wireless internet for journalists to work from. It will also be possible for participating organizations and groups to set up press conferences in the Klimaforum09 press centre. A booking system will be up an running soon. In the meantime please contact Press Coordinator Thomas Bækgaard at thomas@klimaforum09.org

Programme prepared for publication

A youthful team of volunteers lead by newcomer editor Lisbeth Urfe has been structuring the material for the colourful printed version of the Klimaforum09 programme.

The printed programme will provide a free, handy overlook of the 300 plus purposeful and enjoyable events that await Klimaforum09 attendants this December. Soon the printed version of the programme will be made available to our guests through distribution in cafés, hotels, shops etc. Any future changes made in the programme can be seen in the daily updated web version:


Chill out at the climate cinema

The programme covers a variety of cultural events, including a number of entertaining and thought-provoking films. Take your buddy to see The Age Of Stupid, a futuristic film in which Pete Postlethwaite ponders about why we didn’t act on climate change, while we had the chance. Or bring your kin on a trip around the world with the ocean acidification documentary A Sea Change. Check out the web version of the programme for more info on films showing at Klimaforrum09: http://www.klimaforum09.org/Programme

Take the red pill

Read draft one of the declaration, which is now ready for launch. The purpose of the declaration is to deliver a positive and forward looking document illuminating the need for change on all levels: the individual level, the local, regional and the systemic, global level. The main purpose of the declaration is to become a cornerstone in the foundation of a movement of movements beyond Copenhagen working actively for a sustainable future. Go see draft one at: www.klimaforum09.org/Draft-from-declaration-process-and

Raindrops in the drought

The funding pool for transportation and accommodation of Klimaforrum09 participants from the Global South is empty. The means have been allocated, and we are funding 82 participants from a number of organizations that will be arranging workshops at Klimaforum09. Regrettably, we have only been able to fund a fraction of the applicants.

Weathering through

The registration deadline for visa invitation letters has expired. The Klimaforum09 visa unit has been working overtime for the past month, processing some 500 applications for visa invitation letters from participants from countries that require visa. Up ahead, further correspondence awaits visa coordinator Lærke Carlsen and her tireless twosome of volunteer helpers as hopeful Klimaforrum09 participants receive answers from consulates and embassies.

A rejuvenating tour around Copenhagen

Experience Copenhagen presented by Danish students!

Local high school students with a special interest in global agendas would like to show you their perspective on their city and culture. They offer an alternative version of Copenhagen in exchange for a dialogue on cultural differences.

The tours will depart from the DGI-byen conference centre on Monday December 7th at 12 pm and will have a duration of approximately two hours. Sign up here: studenttours@klimaforum09.org before December 1st, 2009.

The student City walks include:

Copenhagen Classic: A traditional tour of some of Copenhagen’s most well-known sights, with a focus on culture and history.
Copenhagen with a twist: A tour around some less traditional sights – for example locally on Vesterbro.
Copenhagen Climate tour: A tour which focuses on climate and Copenhagen as a sustainable city.

Be all you can be
We need more supervisors and volunteers.
The supervisors are the pivotal points of our volunteers organisation, and will be leading our Force of volunteers in the field. New Klimaforum09 jackets will keep our supervisors warm and visible during the summit. Supervisors must be prepared to work for at least 40 hours during the summit and be ready to coordinate and lead the groups of volunteers. If you would like to become a supervisor or know someone who might, send an email to: asmund@klimaforum09.org

450 of the 850 volunteers needed have already joined us, and about 20 new volunteers are registering every day.

If things continue according to plan, the number registering will increase during the last week, as we will intensify the mobilisation of volunteers.

If you have an email network, through which you can forward the latest volunteer’s newsletter, you will be helping us a great deal.

Please send an email to: lisbeth.urfe@klimaforum09.org, describing briefly, in 10 words or so, your network, and we will send you the latest newsletter.

Sign up for volunteer work at http://klimaforum09.org/Volunteer

Linguists, look no further

We need more Danish volunteer interpreters. Klimaforrum09 is a unique chance to be working with professional interpreters during an international event of great significance. Boost your resume and help facilitate the communication when the world’s focus is fixed on Denmark. If you are fluent in Danish and English or French, and have any simultaneous interpretation experience, we need you. For further information and to volunteer for interpretation at the summit, please contact yours truly, Tobias, at: interpretation@klimaforum09.org.

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