Minutes from POW Meeting 2/9/09

POW Minutes


Meeting Date & Location

Wednesday 2 September 2009297 Ascot Vale Road Moonee Ponds


Melanie, Scott, De Chantel, Debbie, Richard, Monica, Shaun and Neesh, Bryan, Marley, Leah, Mika,Angela




Melanie Henkel

Minutes taken by:


Meeting opened

6:00 pm

Meeting closed





  1. Introduction, apologies
  2. Permablitz – how do we proceed from here
  3. Mel’s Permablitz
  4. Maribyrnong Council invite for POW to attend Water & Energy Expo in November
  5. LETS system
  6. Review Action Items
  7. Other Business
  8. Next meeting location
  9. Close meeting


Item 2 – Permablitzes Group permablitzes are going well. 3rd one this weekend at Mel’s.Agreed to treat permablitzes as a 2nd aim of the groupMel has spoken to Nyree, who has agreed to be the permablitz co-ordinator for POWAction: Separate email address to be set up (Deb)

Action: Mel to contact Adam re the use of permablitz name (Mel)

Item 3 – Mel’s Permablitz 30 people have indicated they’ll be coming along. Need to create a contact listNeed a card. Scott to print offStarts @ 11am

Leah will do make a dhal for lunch

The Mail is sending out a photographer and an article will be written up

Action: Put Monica’s permablitz photos on the website (Deb)

Action: Create a guest sign up sheet for Permablitzes (useful for insurance purposes as well). Neesh suggested a hardcover book to keep in which to keep all the names

Item 4 – Water & Energy Expo invite Viv/Scott are doing Big Day Out 15/11/09 @ Braybrook Community CentreUrban Harvest will be presentNeed to roster 2 people on at a timeBoth Braybrook and Water expo sites are windy. Need to bring along something to weigh down pamphlets

Need a notice board to pin posters to for the stand

Viv needs to be kept in the loop so she can talk on behalf of Maidstone

Action: Add Water & Energy Expo to next meeting agenda (Deb)

Action: Scott to get a notice board from Community Centre

Item 5 – LETS system Stands for Local Energy Trading SystemA type of barter systemNeed a treasurer to keep a record of transactionsNeed to agree on equivalent payment system

Can trade on the internet (see http://community-exchange.org)

Shaun – questions whether there is energy in the group to do this

Kat – need a list of future projects, like LETS

Bryan – how many hours would it take to administer

Group is in favour of LETS

Action: Monica to get a presentation package together and present to the group

Action: List of future projects

Item 6 – Action items Shaun – Presentation to council by Melbourne Sustainability group (MSG) for an Urban Sustainability Centre at the Trugo site. Shaun felt it was a mixed response and maybe wasn’t received very well.Scott felt that the council response was positiveCouncil wants a business plan, to be presented by early OctoberAction: Kat to provide a business plan template

MSG applied for the grant (Janet Rice submitted the application on their behalf).

Mel – Need an auspices ie Chris McCall Yarraville Community Centre

Mel – the group is supportive of the grant. Good idea for POW, for other food co-ops

Shaun – Cr Michael Clarke supports MSG bid for Trugo site in principle

Shaun – there is asbestos on the site

Kat – need to be clear about what we want

Action: Neesh, Shaun, Leah, Kat to convene separately to develop business plan

Carbon Reduction grant

Mel to contact Viv about this

Maribyrnong Council is going carbon neutral and there is gossip that they’re not selling any more council land so community gardens etc can be developed in readiness for peak oil

Media strategy – Deb to work on it

Neesh – suggest an announcement when next permablitz occurs

Action: Send an email out with announcement of next permablitz

Bank account

Needs to 2 signatures to take money out

Certificate of Incorporation needed

Item 7 – Other Business Neesh – need someone to help at peak seed time. Willing to pay for thisSuggestion – email, advertise at Permaculture Institute, websiteAction: Neesh to provide address and timeUrban Harvest on Saturday 5th September  
Item 8 – Next meeting 30/09/09 at Kat’s 7 Bellairs Avenue SeddonOctober meeting – at Luke’s in NewportAction: Google map of where everyone lives (Mel)Action: Decide when we’ll hold the Budding workshop  
Item 9 Meeting close  


Next Meeting:   Wednesday 30th September 6pm 2009

Venue: 7 Bellairs Avennue Seddon